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Thank you, all, for a wondrous Penguicon!
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Kristina Delgado

Rochester Hills, Michigan
I'm a nerd. I used to hate being called that as a kid, but now it's cool, and I embrace it. I'm a new homeowner, a budding audiophile, a computer hardware geek (I take computers apart and try to fix them for the fun of it!), a dog and cat owner (or do they own me?), soon to be a college student again... all of those things keep me fairly busy outside of work. I'm pretty laid-back, but there are also times when I get really antsy and feel like I need to be doing Something Useful. I used to be a lot more neurotic, but heavy doses of multiple psychiatric medications have a funny way of dulling the senses. You know that whole thing about women in their late 20s/early 30s becoming nympho goddesses? Totally true. ;) I'm one of those unfortunate folks that had to trade sanity points for IQ points. I should have been a scientist. I think for myself and wish more people did, too. Most of my posts are friends-of-friends for the benefit of my subscribers and others who for one reason or another can't be on my actual friends list. From time to time I do lock all my posts back down to friends only. So enjoy them while you can. :)