Penguicon 2018 has ended
Thank you, all, for a wondrous Penguicon!
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Paul Kemner

Paul's a bit older than Godzilla, watched the original broadcast of
the Astro Boy series, and has been a fan of anime ever since. When
he's not writing and tuning SQL, he enjoys geeky hobbies, studies
ancient & modern polytheist relgions, plays exotic instruments, and
writes. His novelette, “A Wrecking Bar, a Chocolate Bar, and a Ka
Offering for NaNeferKaPtah” is a favorite read for Egyptologists, and “Fowl Fiends of the Great Black Swamp” appears in Down Home Country Vampire. Current musical challenges are Japanese Shakuhachi and Shinobue, and Chinese Dizi and Xiao. This is Paul’s 10th year at Penguicon, presenting 28 hours of programming over the last 5 years!