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I've been using computers since the old days. No, not the C=64 or TRS-80 days. I'm talking the OOOLD days, back when mainframes were king. My first exposure was back in HS when we time-shared with an IBM 370/158 and used--GASP!--punch cards! During that era, I've also used an IBM 360/30, a Honeywell (forget te model) and in college, a rather disheveled Digital PDP-8. Aw, those were the days.

Since then, I've used a number of different personal computers. Including such classics as the TRS-80, Apple II, Commodore PET/VIC-20/C=64, Atari 800, Timex/Sinclair 1000, Amiga 1000, Macintosh 128K, plus a bunch of micros that most mainstream people never heard of. Those were some great years. It was like the auto industry back in the 60s & 70s; Each was different, new and people loved to tinker with them. It was the golden age of computers, IMO.

While those days are gone, I still keep my hand in by building my own PCs. I haven't bought a pre-built machine in about 20 years. I'm currently running Windows 7 on the desktop and Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. Now that OS X Lion is out, I'm looking to get a Mac Mini so I can develop some apps for my iPad.