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Thank you, all, for a wondrous Penguicon!

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Saturday, May 5

12:00am EDT

6:45am EDT

9:00am EDT

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11:00am EDT

Firefly Escape Room Room 321Alex Drummer Harry Potter Escape Room Room 317Alex Drummer Strong Women in Anime Charlevoix BCassy Sinke • Christine Sunu • Claire Winn Needle Felting 101 DIY Room 323Bagel Garrison • Kelly Vanderwell Success With Kickstarter/Crowdfunding and Your Next Project EMC IIIMike Madigan Board Game Design: Rules and Development Algonquin C/DNemo Rathwald • Ian Stedman • David Whitcher Fire of Eidolon TC's Table ATrish Stedman hardback TC's Table DCheryl Orosz Geeky Speed Friending Charlevoix ACatrice Thornton The Dating Corollary EMC IIDave Phillips • Bob Waltenspiel Creating Three Dimensional Characters: Avoiding Cardboard Characters BaldwinClarence • JD DeLuzio • Sarah Hans • Christian Klaver • Steven Lake No Hero Wants to Save the World NicoletAlex Kourvo The Evolution of the Star Wars Franchise HamlinLady Ana • Professor X Career Navigation Strategies: Take Charge of Your Life Algonquin BMark Haynes • Douglas Johnson F-Stops to the Zone System EMC IVKevin Nickerson IT and Leadership EMC VJustin Coven Ph. D. Network CTF Charlevoix C3POMerit Open Controlled Practice for Drones Parking GarageKelly Programming Games with PyGame Charlevoix CJay Turning Materials Science Fiction into Science Fact EMC IKaren Burnham dreamchaser TC's Table JPete Petrusha Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game TC's Table FKelly • Kevin Wozniak Crash Course in Super Basic Electronics: What you need to get you started Hackerspace Room 328Karen Corbeill Retro Gaming MontcalmEd Fleece

12:00pm EDT

1:00pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Firefly Escape Room Room 321Alex Drummer Harry Potter Escape Room Room 317Alex Drummer Stone Soup Cosplay Hackerspace Room 328 Make and Take SF/Fantasy Cards DIY Room 323Anderyn Is that a chopstick in your pocket, or are you just happy sashimi? Food Room 1017Nuri Gocay Board Game Design: Prototyping and Presenting to Publishers Algonquin C/DNemo Rathwald • Ian Stedman • David Whitcher Darkrock Ventures TC's Table BTrish Stedman Pai Sho TC's Table CDana Nelson Dealing with the Paranormal Charlevoix AShetan Noir Homelessness: Where do we go from here Part 2 Charlevoix BJohn Daniels • Cathy Grazar • Taurean Thomas • Ian the Well-Informed Pandemic in Real Life: Influenza 1918 and 2018 EMC VJen Hamilton Productive Conversations: How to Talk it out Without Derailing HamlinMiranda Falcon • Ted Preston Author Reading with Emmy Jackson and Lucy A. Snyder Writer's Block Reading Room 305Kelly Teams & Types NicoletAmal El-Mohtar • Paul Kemner • Christian Klaver • Steven Lake • Mary Anne Mohanraj • Cassandra Morgan Podcasting 101 EMC IDave Phillips • Bob Waltenspiel • Baize White Telescope Observing - The Sun Algonquin Foyer & OutsideBob Trembley All About Passwords Charlevoix CKim Burton Gender & Artificial Intelligence EMC IVMeg Green Network CTF Charlevoix C3POMerit The IT Road Warrior: The Art of Staying Mobile EMC IIIMark Haynes • Douglas Johnson The Narrative Art of Agile Stories BaldwinJer Lance Women in Tech Algonquin BSue Blair • Gail Christopherson • Zena Jasenak Race for the galaxy TC's Table DMike Dudash

3:00pm EDT

Firefly Escape Room Room 321Alex Drummer Harry Potter Escape Room Room 317Alex Drummer Will It Wasteland? Building Real-World Vehicles for an Imaginary Apocalypse Algonquin Foyer & OutsideEmmy Jackson Pre-judging for COSPLAY CONTEST Algonquin C/DClaire Winn Dadaism and Collage DIY Room 323Sam Letvin Vegan Cheese Tasting Food Room 1017Amy Wilkins • Amy Wright Fire of Eidolon TC's Table ATrish Stedman Code of Conduct: Balancing Between Helpful and Toxic EMC IMari Brighe • Geralyn Lance • Mary Anne Mohanraj • April Nance • Mark Oshiro • Ted Preston LGBTQ Labor History: The Importance of Undoing Heteronormative History Charlevoix BJamie McQuaid Author Reading with Drayton Alan and Clif Flynt Writer's Block Reading Room 305Kelly Practical Regency Charlevoix AMary Robinette Kowal Writing Groups NicoletNicole E. Castle • Carol Flynt • Sarah Hans • Ericka Kahler • Michael W. Lucas Setting Up a Video Podcast Portage AuditoriumScott (Toaden) Maiale • William E McCormick • Bradleigh Wooten You Should Read This Comic HamlinBluRaven C. Houvener Ask an Astronomer Algonquin BDr. Kristine Larsen • Jeff MacLeod • Curtis Potterveld • Bob Trembley Containers 101: Docker and Beyond EMC IIIMichael McCune How to go from Bootcamp to IT Badass BaldwinErin Bergman • Christie Bertie • Jessica Roland Network CTF Charlevoix C3POMerit Regex for Everyone: Bend Text to Your Whim EMC VHenry Baughman The Case of the Monster User Story That Ate Sheboygan EMC IVMark Haynes • Douglas Johnson Hacking a Brother KH-910 Knitting Machine with AYAB EMC IIBrenda Fish Welcome to CircuitPython! Charlevoix CKattni Rembor

4:00pm EDT

Firefly Escape Room Room 321Alex Drummer Harry Potter Escape Room Room 317Alex Drummer Offbeat Anime Algonquin BPaul Kemner COSPLAY CONTEST Algonquin C/DNuri Gocay • Mary Robinette Kowal • Ian Stedman • Claire Winn Between two cities TC's Table DMike Dudash Incoming Transmission TC's Table BTrish Stedman 10 Commandments of Networking NicoletDave Phillips • Bob Waltenspiel Better Ways to Do Good HamlinIla Coltas • Elizabeth Gibbons • Michael McAtee • Deanna Tartaglia Reclaiming Our History:Let’s Hear it for the ‘Losers’ Charlevoix ADr. Kristine Larsen • Jennifer Matthews • Jamie McQuaid Whose Geek Are You Anyway? BaldwinDerek Why No One Swipes Right: Personal Profile Writing 101 MontcalmMaggie Maiville • Shannon Marshall Author Reading with Michael W. Lucas and Vik K. Walker Writer's Block Reading Room 305Kelly Media Litter Sandwich Interviews: Mark Oshiro Portage AuditoriumScott (Toaden) Maiale • William E McCormick • Mark Oshiro • Bradleigh Wooten Turning Newsletters into Collaborative Intelligence EMC IVJustin Coven Ph. D. Introduction to the TIC-80 Fantasy Computer EMC ICraig Maloney (he/him/coffee?) Muddling Through The Middle Bits: What Comes After Junior and Before Senior EMC VAnne Cahalan Network CTF Charlevoix C3POMerit Tesla Model S Show-And-Tell Charlevoix BPhil Salkie What is Kubernetes and Why Should You Care? EMC IIIMichael McCune Cross Stitching 101 DIY Room 323Anna Carey • Bridget Ferrigan dreamchaser TC's Table JPete Petrusha Terraforming Mars with Venus Next expansion. TC's Table GSam Orosz Upgrade Your Badge with All Hands Active! Hackerspace Room 328AHA All Hands Active • Nathan Yost

5:00pm EDT

Firefly Escape Room Room 321Alex Drummer Harry Potter Escape Room Room 317Alex Drummer DIY Electric Car Edition Portage AuditoriumChad Sinke Overworld TC's Table ATrish Stedman Like Penguicon, But With More Fire: Burner Culture MontcalmNuri Gocay • JZer • Scott Kennedy. • Bryan Kostoff • April Nance Meditation 101 BaldwinShetan Noir • Catrice Thornton The Accidental Entrepreneur NicoletDave Phillips • Bob Waltenspiel Author Reading with Cate Caldwell and Nicole Castle Writer's Block Reading Room 305Kelly Independent Book Stores HamlinGene Alloway • Dan Chilsom • Diana Kathryn Plopa DC vs Marvel, The Saga Continues. Algonquin BLady Ana • John Bruske • JD DeLuzio • Professor X The Magicians: BOF Charlevoix B Alternative (and Standard) Physics Spectrum Charlevoix AJustin Coven Ph. D. Detroit Drone Races: Awards Ceremony Parking GarageKelly Getting to Done Faster: Working Small EMC VClay Dowling Network CTF Charlevoix C3POMerit Open Source Video Editing Workflow on Linux EMC IITom Lawrence Pen Testing Open Source Tools of the Trade EMC IKate Vajda Robot Petting Zoo! Algonquin C/DChristine Sunu Using Scrum and Agile Techniques to Hack Your Life EMC IVMark Haynes • Ericka Kahler Engineer's guide to self defense Algonquin ADerek Black Butler Wonderland Tea Party Food Room 1017Myla Riffle • A. Carina Spears • Star Stramel Beauty Basics 101: What the hell is all this s**t anyway? EMC IIIAnneliese Freiny Build Your Second Mobile App Charlevoix CAnne Cahalan

6:00pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

8:00pm EDT

9:00pm EDT

10:00pm EDT

11:00pm EDT

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